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01-03-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Sue Lilly author of The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing

Sue Lilly co-authored with her husband Simon to discuss the story of crystal throughout the centuries loved by many for their beauty and healing balancing renewing energies for living with greater harmony and well being. Sue first encountered crystals being used by her yoga teacher and goes on to tell us her studies lead her to know that Crystal healing works through the interaction of the stones and your body’s natural subtle energies. Unlike modern medical treatments, these techniques have no obvious scientific rationale or data. For some, this lack of logic and clear cause and effect can be disorienting, particularly when, as in this volume, many of the healing processes do not even involve direct physical contact between human and crystal. Sue and Simon ask you, the reader of The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing to be an explorer, to take the same stance that we encourage in every one of our new students on crystal healing courses: be alert, be skeptical, but be open to new experiences.

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