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Master Ryoho Okawa author of The Laws of the Sun05-01-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Reverend Keiko

Reverend Keiko Hoshino is a spokesperson for Master Ryoho Okawa author of The Laws of the Sun and founder of Happy Science an international spiritual movement that is dedicated to bringing more happiness to humankind by overcoming barriers of race, religion and culture and working for a world united in peace and harmony. The book is called The Laws of the Sun: One Source One Planet One People because this can be explained more simply, by understanding that everything in this world is changing every moment; it is impossible to stay exactly the same. Even the cells in our body today are different from the cells we had yesterday. Although the human body is made up of cells that are changing every day, there is still substance with a name—a real live being that unifies the body’s cells. In essence, behind all beings, which are constantly changing in the flow of time, lies something that never changes.

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