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Master Ryoho Okawa author of The Laws of the Sun12-19-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Reverend Keiko Hoshino

Reverend Keiko Hoshino is the spokesperson for Master Ryoho Okawa author of The Laws of the Sun and founder of Happy Science an international spiritual movement that is dedicated to bringing more happiness to humankind by overcoming barriers of race, religion and culture and working for a world united in peace and harmony. Reverend Keiko Hoshino we will help us explore the many metaphysical studies and information in Master Okawa’s book The Laws of the Sun which opens a portal on a new age of harmony and spirituality based on God’s truths study the history of over 400,000 years of human history and the evolution of societies as they rose and fell showing how we tend to repeat history and the same mistakes over and over again. We will hopefully be inspired to appreciate that we all come from the same source, can let go of differences, and come together in peace and happiness to be one people on one planet.

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