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08-17-17  Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Nancy E. Yearout author of Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You whose book clearly and successfully shows us how to Use Universal Energy to Change Your Life. As Sheryl and Nancy share personal experiences we are able to gather a greater awareness of the world.. ourselves… and the Universe, and also greater knowledge of our spiritual essence which holds the imprint for our health and happiness. If, and when, we allow ourselves to realize our inner and physical life connections, we can work more effectively with energy for greater prosperity and purposefulness in our life journey. Nancy Yearout casts light upon the power of prayer and its energy benefits showing us how energy can bring out either wellness or illness in the body. We discuss the importance of learning to clear negative energy which may be contributing to health, relationship issues, or thwarting us from perceiving reality in an uplifted way.

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