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09-20-18 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Elizabeth Joyce author of Unlimited Realities which shares her gift of inner sight and natural healing with love honesty and integrity, qualities that often accompany a life of service and caring for working with the gift of Spirit true awareness and higher consciousness. Elizabeth thinks back to her childhood and remembers the influence her grandmother a shaman had on her future development. “Destiny tapped Elizabeth on the shoulder when she was eight years old and diagnosed with TB. Elizabeth was shipped off to Grandmothers house in New Hampshire to be cared for and to heal. Grandma turned out to be Elizabeth’s teacher and those lessons were two- fold: first, that True Wisdom encompasses every aspect of our being, body mind and spirit. It touches our personal life relationships with family community and the world. This lesson was so simple that there was no need for fear or running from her gift as a psychic medium. Her grandmother prepared her for her transformation, improvement of family relations, and taught her tools to conquer any struggle.

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