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01-06-21 Second Act Women with Barbara Brooks and Guadalupe Hirt

Don’t lie. You’ve heard all the stories about ageing, and they aren’t pretty. Especially for women. Society says we’re over the hill, too old, gray, wrinkly, and used up. Once the kids leave home we might as well resign ourselves to the rocking chair. It’s too late for a new career, education, or to follow our dreams. But women over 40 and 50 say otherwise. We know that at 40, 50 and beyond, we are just getting started.

Just ask Lora, a former corporate attorney who followed her dancing dream and became a burlesque dancer at age 44, created Life Choreography® and the FLAUNT! process, and had her first book published at age 50.

Barbara Brooks, 54 years young, and Guadalupe Hirt, 47, are the founders of SecondActWomen, an organization for women 40, 50 and beyond who are in their second act, and proudly own their number and receive the gifts, learnings, opportunities and new friendships that this life stage brings.

As they like to say, it’s all about swiveling into “middlescence” with faith, grace, love, gratitude, and confidence knowing this is your time to design the life you want to live – the life you deserve.

Top take-a-ways:

  • How to combat, reject, and reeducate around ageism.
  • The power of the pivot, especially in middle age.
  • Why redefining who you are at 40 & 50+ helps you to FLAUNT all that you’ve been all along

For more information go to and find them across all social media at #secondactwoman.

Check out this amazing Denver Post feature article about Barbara, Guadalupe, and SecondActWoman:

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Learn more about Lora here:

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