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UniversalSoul_costa-rica05-31-16  Real Estate Entrepreneur Mike Wolf

Det David Love speaks to real estate entrepreneur Mike Wolf about using passive income as a means to financial freedom.

This show will explore the meaning of “value” and living a passionate life.  Mike will be talking about the virtue using of money as a tool to live life on your terms (rather than the pursuit of wealth as a goal in itself).

Mike will also discuss gratitude and “giving back”, as well as the benefits of living  a vegan lifestyle. Mike Wolf is an international speaker, author and mentor. He has been investing in real estate for over 23 years and helps people realize their dreams of a lifestyle of freedom by teaching strategies to achieve passive income. Mike has been featured in media such as TV, radio, and various print publications. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and is frequently invited to speak in both Canada and the U.S. Mike believes that you should love what you do every day and enjoy life. He helps people build businesses that they want to have, along with lifestyles that they want to live.
Mike has been featured on a TV program with Bob Bare and Pat Dougher Called “Monetize Your Mind”
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