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06-28-17   Re-Ignite Your Radiance, a Self Care Immersion for the Soul

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, tired, under appreciated or irritated? Have you struggled with feelings of anger or frustration or cried at the drop of a hat? These are all signs of burnout. It is very common for women to struggle with burnout, because as nurturers, we say yes to taking care of our families, friends and our careers. In today’s over-scheduled world, this leaves little time to take care of ourselves. But unless burnout is addressed, the symptoms slowly become worse and can eventually manifest in other ways, such as physical ailments. Join Lora, as she discusses burnout with Jess Bonasso and DesiRae Kraft, two self-care experts who lead retreats specifically designed to re-fuel women suffering burnout. These ladies share tips and techniques for addressing burnout, such as setting better boundaries, and give tips on practicing realistic self-care. Better yet, listeners receive a FREE self-care starter kit as well as a FREE self-care tool kit when they sign up for DesiRae’s and Jess’s newsletters!

Jess Bonasso, also known as The Self Care Goddess, is a burnout recovery expert, coach, author, & professional speaker who helps modern-day, high-reaching super heroes “struggling to juggle” it all break free from sabotage that leads to burnout, re-ignite their greatness, & elevate their life without sacrificing their soul, sanity, or health! Much of the work that Jess does with clients has the power to release & heal saboteurs like the ones listed above at a cellular level using a very powerful form of cellular release therapy called The Journey Method®. She was trained as an accredited Journey Practitioner in 2007 & has been using this powerful work with clients ever since. To learn more about the powerful & healing benefits of The Journey Method AND Jess’s personal healing & spiritual journey with this work, visit her website at

DesiRae Kraft is a Transformational Mind, Body and Soul Coach.  Her passion for health, wellness and transformation started 14 years ago and deepened with her education in Psychology, Behavioral Health, Nutrition and Integrative Health Care. After a tragedy in her life in 2012 she found the women she was born to be to help others find their essential selves, Mind, Body and Soul. She is a certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and she gives busy and entrepreneurial women the tools to live a life of abundance by creating Fearless Minds, Vibrant Bodies and Raw Soul. Through her coaching she helps you create sustainability for life and find your essential self. She believes we all have embers within us waiting to be ignited and all of our embers combined can spread a fire and empower the world. You can visit her website at to learn more about her and her business.

If you happen to be in Colorado, or would like an excuse to visit Colorado, these ladies are teaching a One Day Self-Care Immersion on July 29th that will be out of this world!​

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