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Eric Ehrke author of The Promise of Wholeness07-22-20 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Eric Ehrke author of The Promise of Wholeness who is trained in Western and Eastern applied philosophy and integrative healing strategies that may lead to lasting peace and wholeness when integrated into your everyday life experience. Eric is asked to think back to his childhood and remember a person place or event that may have shown him or others the adult they would become and the work and interests they would embrace as an adult he immediately remembers being bullied as a youngster and having a stutter as boys seems to have this issue more than girls. He remembers wanting to be a priest and like most sensitive and emphatic children they feel the energetic pull of the Universe and the sense there is much more to know than we are being told by societal structures parents teachers as we are on a self-investigative journey and living and feeling is the best way to remember our soul essence and true reality.

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