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09-04-17 Pot for Pets?

In this week’s episode, Dr. Judy Morgan welcomes Juliana Carella, CEO and Founder of Treatibles, a hemp wellness nutraceutical company for pets.  Julianna, a San Francisco native, is an avid proponent of health freedom and an activist in the cannabis community. Her knowledge of both cannabis and hemp is unsurpassed.  Juliana’s foray into the pet world was born from her first company, Auntie Dolores, which since 2008 has been providing healthy gourmet medical marijuana and phytocannabinoid edibles for people.  As THC, the psychoactive compound found is cannabis and the human edibles can be harmful to our animal friends, Julianna worked tirelessly to develop a safe and effective pet friendly product and in 2013, introduced Treatibles.  What began as an offshoot of Auntie Dolores blossomed into a vital business and Treatibles now features a full line of products including four flavors of hard chews, dropper bottles and gel caps. All products are Compassion Certified, made from human-grade ingredients and contain quantified amounts of CBD, sourced and extracted from medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. What exactly is a phytocannabinoid and how can it help my pet?  How does CBD treatment for animals differ from treating humans? Be sure to tune when Dr. Morgan and Juliana discuss answers to these questions and more.

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