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Planetary Spirit with Jeff Ferrannini

Planetary Spirit explores spirituality through in-depth interviews with today?s thought leaders. These are spiritual, not religious, conversations to move you beyond the confines of five sense reality. Planetary Spirit’s main focus is for guests to share spiritual journeys and personal experiences that brought them new awareness for being in the world. Are you ready to catch a glimpse of new worlds of wonder and infinite possibilities lying just outside your reach? Come join a journey to feed your soul, excite your mind, and be that person, you came here to be.

Broadcasts Weekly Monday & Tuesday 10am & 10pmET

Jeff’s Guests This Week

listen_live_buttonMonday 10am/10pmET  

Timothy Doyle is an Ordained Metaphysical MinisterHe saysI had an out-of-body experience when I first began to meditate in the early 1970s. While in Peru in 2005, I astral traveled to a world called, “Where the Sun Shines before the Dawn.” This was before I had met, Judy Satori, and seven years prior to Judy writing her book, Sunshine Before The Dawn. I resigned from my accounting work in 2011 after receiving a vision in dream state to work with Judy Satori. I was in New Zealand in August 2012, when a group of golden-robed light beings joined my private meditation session. Before closing the meditation, I asked the beings who they were. They said, “The Golden Ones”, returning to Earth to resume bringing wisdom for fifth-dimensional teachings. The Golden Ones were teachers prior to earth’s fall in consciousness from a 5th Dimension to a 3rd Dimensional planet. When Lemuria sank in the sea, previous to Atlantis sinking, The Golden Onesdeparted. They have now returned and been with me ever since. His e-book is entitled, “How to Play the Game of Life: Beginner Version”

Tuesday 10am/10pmET 

Adam Schomer is a the writer/actor in the independent documentary film, “The Highest Pass” which follows a group of motorcycle riders led by a young guru’s attempt to cross the highest road in the world on top of the Himalayan mountains. Former soccer player and engineering student, Adam went to India to study with his guru Anand, who one day during meditation turned to him and asked if he wanted to join him on a motorcycle ride across the world’s highest road? Adam’s thought was… I don’t ride motorcycles; I think they are dangerous, so I just said…“Yes”. This film is the result.

Jeff Ferrannini

BIO: Jeff Ferrannini is the creator, producer, and host of the internet radio program, Planetary Spirit, since March of 2006. June 2010 Jeff was broadcasting Planetary Spirit “Live” from the ETIN (Emerson Talk & Information Network) studio at Emerson College, located in downtown Boston, MA. In November of 2012, Planetary Spirit began an affiliation with syndicated  Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network in the Boston area.

In 2007 Jeff was ordained as an interfaith minister having completed a two year ministerial program. Jeff feels his work with Planetary Spirit is his ministry. I believe Planetary Spirit offers people an opportunity to sample new spiritual perspectives and connect to a deeper part of life. Jeff is a poet, having written 400+ poems in the last 15 years, mainly spiritual in nature. He self published two books of poems. His second book Star Songs was recorded on CD and contains 31 poems.

Jeff has written several feature articles on various aspects of spirituality for 11:11 Magazine and Body & Brain Magazine. Jeff is a council member of an interfaith organization, Council for Spiritual Connection. The Council plans and produces annual events. Each event showcases musical or spoken presentations celebrating diversity and interconnectedness through sharing spiritual traditions.

From an early age Jeff has been on a quest to find a house of worship that welcomes all faiths traditions and spiritual perspectives equally. This was and continues to be the driving force behind his work with Planetary Spirit. He believes his in-depth interviews/conversations offer listeners new ways to explore paths towards becoming fully awakened conscious human beings. It is his sincerest desire that his Planetary Spirit interviews help raise the spiritual consciousness of our entire planet.


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