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Christine Arylo12-16-20 Overwhelmed and Over It – Lead With Your Heart, Choose What Means the Most, & Find Your Calm   With Christine Arylo

December, the last month of the craziest year any of us have probably ever experienced. How can you close out 2020 and “Sparkle All Season” with joy, gratitude, enthusiasm, and satisfaction despite everything that’s going on? Join my free challenge at and listen in all month long to find out how!

Do you feel like you are constantly treading water, hoping not to sink? If so, like successful women everywhere, you are overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed keeps you stressed, unhappy, and not in your power. It doesn’t have to be that way! Join Christine Arylo and learn simple tips for breaking out of overwhelm and finding the peace you crave.

Top take-a-ways:

  • How to stay focused on your mission and your part and stop getting distracted because you are doing everything for everyone else.
  • Learn to balance between being a non-stop-work-machineand self-sacrificing martyr and stand in your power with clarity.
  • The art and practice of getting real with yourself, so you can release what no longer serves you, preserve what does, and create the kind of life you desire.

Christine Arylo combines 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in brand marketing, business strategy, human resources, and leadership development for companies like Gap Inc., Visa, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tyco and PepsiCo, with 20 years of wisdom-based training on conscious leadership, human potential, indigenous and feminine wisdom, and yogic science to guide people to lead their lives, businesses, organizations and relationships differently.

For more than a decade, through her transformation-based consulting company, Expanding Possibility, she has been a catalyst, mentor, and advisor for established and emerging leaders on 6 continents.

From business organizations such as Salesforce, Genentech, and Google, to social impact entrepreneurs daring to make change, to change makers and influencers in a wide spectrum of industries, including healthcare, law, government, financial, tech, education and academia and more. Her work and presence hits home for all people seeking to create a better world – for humanity, the people they love and lead, and themselves.

Her blended approach to leadership gives those who work with Arylo access to expanded levels of self-awareness, resilience, presence, insight and the courage to lead the way to new ways of working, living, creating and relating.

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