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11- 0313 Topic: Our Fathers, Ourselves

A theory exists that we choose our parents before we are born in order to learn some essential life truths.  If this is so, why might you have chosen your father and what lessons might this choice have meant for you?  In our October show we discussed the topic “Our Mothers, Ourselves.” On this exciting show, we will discuss the power that our relationship to our fathers has had on us.  Our father is the first masculine figure we have in our lives and is a prime shaper of the way we relate to the masculine side of ourselves (whether we are male or female) and also to how we navigate in the world.  We will discuss types of fathers, what a child needs from a father, father/daughter and father/son relationship patterns and wounds, and what can be done to heal connection to an absent father.  Tune in for an opportunity to gain insight and to participate in exercises that promote strengthening and healing!

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