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05-25-20 Organic Gardening Tips for those Beginners and Everyone: An Answer for Living a Life Free of Sickness and Disease

Susan Whiting Welcome to Spring Gardening Tips for Beginners and Everyone.. 

Back by Popular demand .. More from their humanitarian Gardening…Several friends are calling in on this show to ask about Gardening Tips. How do you know how it is all Organic.. Pests.. Prevention.. The Class locally that Susan facilitates now are gathering outside in the Garden as she facilitates the I AM FUNDAMENTS… due to distancing with the Covid 19 … Susan shares with us that …The Second Genesis Awakening is all about eating Live Fresh Organically grown out of your own Garden.  After 25 years in Higher Education as wellness a therapist Susan retired to working her own land as an organic and humanitarian gardener to give fresh fruits and vegetables to families locally to teach them how to grow food to restore their own health while reducing pollution on the planet. She is an advocate for all to know the freedom of growing your own food….

Max and Susan Whiting

Max and Susan Whiting

A gift to us All….  From the Garden to your family


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