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divine light brothers08-30-16  One United Roar asks: Why the Lion?

The third episode of One United Roar asks: Why the Lion? Preparing, informing and inspiring young people to stand up and be the voice of the lion, we paint a picture of what we are hoping to achieve through the exciting One United Roar Talent Challenge. We delve into some of the deeper wisdom of the White Lions as revealed by Linda Tucker during her two decades of deep research into the cultural and scientific significance of this iconic king of kings. We also look at how history views the lion, at the ancient mythology that describes the choices we humans have to make today in terms of the kind of leadership we want and in terms of the kind of people we want to be in our own lives. The lessons of the lions are far-reaching and deep, stretching back in time to the very beginning of life itself. The choice right now lies with the children of the world, the NOW generation: what would a world without lions mean to them and what are they prepared to do to prevent that?

Meet our friends, and discover who is joining #OneUnitedRoar. Are you ready? Steady? ROARRRRRR!!

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