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02-01-15  “Navigating Life’s Passages”

Are you searching for greater life meaning?  Dr. Carl Jung, famous psychiatrist, described the life cycle as life in two phases.  While the “first half” is lived in adaptation to the outer world, Jung said the “second half” is oriented toward the inner world and development of the FULL SELF, calling on a “psychic birth” and a search for new meaning.  The emerging parts of ourselves simply do not always fit within the confines of the self we constructed in the first half of our lives.  Wherever you are in the life process, this extremely informative show will help you to understand overall life patterns and help you nurture your emerging self.  We will discuss:

The stages of life and your internal and external struggles

How “middle passage” is a turning point that brings new meaning even though it   may cause you to feel “lost”

How creative tension is essential to your growth in all stages

How you can search out new meaning and step into your “largeness” or full self

How to embrace growth over security, creating a fuller life!

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