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Midori Tsujimoto02-01-24 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews special guest Midori Tsujimoto a music therapist for special needs and autistic children at The Rebecca Center For Music Therapy at Molloy College will explore how inner guidance led her from Osaka, Japan. without her family at sixteen years old, to develop her musical healing abilities. Music much like thoughts are energetic vibrations of our emotions and used correctly can help us reach and express our deepest hidden feelings. Specially orchestrated music can calm and center an individual for dealing with stress and health issues affording the body an opportunity to find a dynamic new connection to healthy thoughts and healing, So many emotions can be understood by music, and where words often fail to fully describe beauty and peace, music can offer this state of wellness. The mission statement for The Rebecca Center For Music Therapy is” To use music to remove physical cognitive barriers that prevent people with special needs from engaging in essential social interactions and life processes.” Certain techniques and therapies being used in the field of music therapy will also be discussed.

Midori Tsujimoto is a musical therapist working with special needs and autistic children at The Rebecca Center for Music Therapy Midori came to this country at the age of sixteen to live with a host family in Utah in order to develop her musical and healing abilities and her spiritual awareness of the world. She attended SUNY Fredonia in Buffalo and majored in Piano and Music Therapy. While still in high school she attended a school for the gifted,”Realms of Inquiry” with an intensive study of nature and also travelled to Viet Nam which had a major impact on the course of her life. She did her musical internship at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, New York ministering to hospice patients. She is completing her Master’s Degree at Molloy College and creates individual music programs to match the needs of each student.

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