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Mike Schmaeling03-02-20 Michael Schmaeling: Farm Manager, Rodale Institute Resident Beekeeper

You are in for a heart warming show with special Guest Michael Schmaeling as he shares his unique management of Honey Bee’s … Regenerative Selective Genetics’ … A rare experience with one who communicates with the bee’s …

Michael Schmaeling Founders Campus Farm Manager, Rodale Institute Resident Beekeeper. Michael manages and maintains the Institute’s treatment-free honeybee conservancy, where he selectively breeds healthy queens to create new colonies. Additionally, he is the manager of the Rodale Institute Founder’s Campus.

Michael Schmaeling: Farm Manager, Rodale Institute Resident BeekeeperMike Schmaeling ~developed innovative breeding techniques to better isolate mating when “splitting” colonies. Last year, he says he roughly tripled his colonies, which then suffered 50% mortality. Learn what happening with the colonies in 2020.

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