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SimranNEW-Pierro Ferrucci11-09-15  Your Inner Will: Pierro Ferrucci

All kinds of memories surface from the past: parents who, having been abandoned with children by their partner, found the energy and spirit to bring up a family; people who had a financial crisis, suffered failure or betrayal; who became unemployed at a late age; who had a serious illness; who discovered their son or daughter was alcoholic or addicted to gambling; who faced the plight of emigration, or the loss of a loved one. Yet it was precisely in such dire situations that these people brought out their best: their resilience and courage, their practical intelligence, and above all their inner strength. They felt a flow of warm, powerful energy that allowed them to emerge from the crisis stronger and more alive. As the Latin saying tells us, Per aspera ad astra. Through hardship we reach the stars.

Pierro Ferrucci is a psychotherapist and philosopher. He has been a student and collaborator of Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis. He is the author of What We May Be, Inevitable Grace, What Our Children Teach Us, The Power of Kindness, Beauty and the Soul; the co-author, with Laura Huxley, of The Child of Your Dreams; and the editor of The Human Situation, a book of Aldous Huxley’s lectures. He lives near Florence with his wife and two sons.

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