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Sherry’s Metaphysical Corner is about her Book; “A Change in Perception” personal experiences connecting with her Spirit Team of friends and relatives that have crossed over, along with Angels and Light Beings. The Book is a mix of humor and understanding helping to educate and inspire. How 10 minutes daily of being still and quiet can create balance, replaces doubt with trust and understanding. A discussion on the Emotion Code modality; similar to Kinesiology and muscle testing using magnets, to locate and remove Trapped Emotion energy, tapping into the subconscious of a person or animal. People are being empowered to open the mind to possibilities beyond what’s directly in front of them, more than the 5 senses, our birth right to do things we couldn’t have imagined before! To remember we’re Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. Schedule a call-in if you wish to sample this extraordinary modality.

Sherryl Comeau is a seasoned Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and now Author. Her work as an Energy Practitioner with Remote distance balancing brings her around the globe from Hong Kong, Spain, France, Australia, California, Colorado, New York, Vermont, Mississippi, New Jersey, Florida including the New England area since 1998. She believes everyone has intuitive abilities on some level to tap into, if given the tools and direction. She has given Live Webinars to help educate, Volunteered at Hospitals. (Elliott, Manchester, NH & Holy Family, Haverhill, MA).

In the past Sherryl has also offered her Services at Expo’s throughout New England, has produced a Meditation CD with Crystal Singing Bowls and produces a monthly Educational Community Tv Segment with HC Media called “Sherry’s Metaphysical Corner” and Pod Cast. She has had radio interviews with; NBR New York; Fit for Joy/Blog Talk Radio w/Valeria (Teles) Koopman; Off the Cuff E-zine Live and written a few stories for their On-Line Magazine. Also hosted as a guest with Psychic Astrologer Christopher Witecki’s Live Facebook “Show & Tell” program where she offered a Live demonstration of Tuning Forks.

Her office is located in Plaistow, NH with Dr. Tony Lebro, at Lebro Center for Well Being. The two partner their services to provide a Total Care Facility, including Medical Intuitive Consultations, Kinesiology, Nutrition & Supplement Care, (Dr. Tony). And (Sherryl) Energy Balancing with such modalities as The Emotion Code a form of muscle testing w/magnets, Biofield Tuning w/tuning forks, Melchizedek Energy Method using color & light and Reiki.

The Emotion Code is a form of Muscle Testing using Magnets to locate and remove Trapped Emotion energy, stuck in the field. Its tapping into the subconsciousness of a person or animal. So the key understanding with the Emotion Code has to do with the mind itself. We divide the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is where we live, make daily decisions. The subconscious mind is the bulk of our intelligence.Normally emotions are felt then processed. Sometimes emotional energy becomes trapped, and needs help to be released. This usually happens when the body is vulnerable or the emotion is very intense. (divorce, death, car accident, job loss etc…) A Trapped Emotion is a small ball of energy about the size of a Baseball up to the size of a Cantaloupe.

Trapped Emotions are usually under the skin surface immune to magnetic releasing, UNTIL we go through the “process” of identifying it with the Flow Chart above and which Organ it disrupted. It then comes to the surface of consciousness! Trapped Emotions can occur at any age and generally begins in our youth and can remain for many years, creating more and more dense energy in the system. These can cause; inflammation, pain, congestion, self-sabotage, recurring emotional distress, depression, anxiety, etc…and more, there are 60 Emotions found on the Flow Chart. Trapped Emotion is released with 3 rolls of a Magnet using the Governing Meridian Line in Chinese medicine, up over the Crown down the back. Each “Emotion” we experience is pure energy, and has its own specific Vibration, like every other kind of energy.

Sherry’s Metaphysical Corner with Sherryl Comeau

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