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04-15-22 Afterlife Frequency: Mark Anthony

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife? “Faith embraces mysteries, whereas science explains them. But faith and science may converge when it comes to survival of the soul and the afterlife. People of faith accept the existence of the soul and eternal life as true, while simultaneously accepting it as a mystery. People of science accept the existence of the brain’s electrical field and that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. The existence of the soul and the afterlife is a mystery, challenging scientists to develop the technology to solve this mystery.” – Mark Anthony, Afterlife Frequency

Mark Anthony, JD, the Psychic Explorer (aka the Psychic Lawyer) is the author of The Afterlife Frequency, Never Letting Go, and Evidence of Eternity. He is an Oxford-educated attorney, world-renowned psychic, nationally recognized legal analyst, headline speaker at international conferences and universities, and favorite guest on TV and radio shows. He cohosts The Psychic & The Doc on Transformation Network and is a regular columnist for Best Holistic Life magazine.

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