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03-12-18  Living a Life free of all Sickness and Disease is not only Possible … It is our Genetic Birthright, Adam t’ Gardener

Come join Debara (Call In All Angels ) host of The Second Genesis Awakenings ™  Radio Show as she begins the hour with a time out on the show for Breath as Debara guides us in a meditation of breathing in the love & breathing out the light so that we can all slow down with the events on Valentines Day and redirect our love energies for healing time with our kids .. with our selfs with  …. Parkland School Mass Shootings..  How to Help our kids feel safe when our world is out of control?  an article from NBC News. What Mental health experts say about school Shootings  In the second half of the show Debara shares her in~depth story of living a Second Genesis Awakening through a Organic all Plant Based Diet…Free of Sickness and disease as our Genetic Birthright…

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