Listening to the Voice Within

10-26-17  Listening to the Voice Within

We all have a voice within that speaks to us.  It makes us pay attention to the things in our lives that cause us to become uncomfortable.  The inner voice may sound like conscience, poking you to do the right thing.  But it is so much more than that.  Guidance comes to us in many forms.  It speaks to us in feelings, emotions, thoughts, intuitive hunches, gut instincts, ideas that seem to spring from nowhere.  How adept are we at listening to this voice?  And do we confuse it when we hear it with our own ego’s desires to control, demand or push an agenda?

Tonight we’ll talk about how to work through the confusion that sometimes comes upon us when we are trying to “follow our guidance” and finding nothing but frustration and more questions.  Please join us.

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