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Linda “Moonrabbit” Zlotnick09-02-20 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Linda “Moonrabbit” Zlotnick author of Star Sisters: An Astrologers Memoir of Twin Loss which shares a story of a difficult beginning in childhood, trauma, loss and a love for the connection to Universal truths that helped her find a way to joy and peace beyond all the challenges. Linda shares her journey growing up in Minneapolis with her twin sister Lou Ann and their special spiritual twin “ESP” gift. Their relationship like that of most twins involved sibling rivalry covert competition and unconditional love. When Lou Ann was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at age fifty six, life changed drastically. We will discover how Linda’s work as an astrologer helped her come to terms with the loss of her beloved twin sister and appreciate that it was the destiny of her sister’s soul and helped her and others to appreciate life in all its multi-dimensional aspects leading us to trust the plan and time of passing.

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