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Each New Year we wonder what the coming day will hold for us. We have ideas, goals, dreams…and create a new vision for the year. We never know what will come our way, there will be many challenges, for sure that may cause breakdowns or delays. But no matter what, if we focus on our vision, if we focus on the solutions, we are much more likely to accomplish those goals and create the year we desire. It is our vision which guides us through the losses and setbacks. Are you clear about your vision for the coming year?

What do you want to have happen this year?
What actions do you need to take to fulfill them?
By when?
Do you have an accountability partner and your actions planned in an accountability structure?

We encourage you to take the time to envision, to write it down or make a vision board, share it with others and mark the dates and times you will take actions to create the year of your dreams. When many of us are envisioning the solutions that create that future of health, freedom, happiness, and prosperity…we pull that future towards us. We are a mighty force of love and creation.

At Moms Across America we are ready to move forward with a renewed purpose and determination, focusing on solutions. Having access to healthy organic food, growing our own food, health solutions, partnership, regenerative organic farming, and connected local communities are what we see will create a successful 2020 and beyond. We know that we are the authors of our destinies, recognize the visionary in each of us — and the collective ability that we have as visionaries to move mountains.

2020 offers us the opportunity to truly focus on creating even more solutions – for our families, our communities, and our planet. If you are new to MAA we want you to know that we are here to help you on your journey. If you have been an existing MAA supporter we want you to know how much we value you and your support. YOU ARE Moms Across America! This year we call on everyone to assist us in our mission.

  • Volunteer your time and energy. Donate your expertise. We are looking for gardening experts, video editors, event planners, marketing, salespeople, and PR professionals. Or host a local event like a movie night or organic potluck, it’s such a pleasure to connect and share empowerment! Support nationwide efforts- contact us to find out how you can further our efforts.
  • Support MAA! MAA works with a minimal budget. Donate generously and your investment will reap rewards for generations to come. Revenue from sales through our Health Solutions Store supports our programs, costly testing, and educational outreach about toxins in our food supply. If you want to help us do even more consider a fundraising event on our behalf or consider being a sponsor for a specific MAA activity like testing or travel.



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