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Lora-dswtcover06-15-16   Leslie Kane, Elephant Researcher and Activist 

Leslie Kane’s Elephant Work History:

1) Attending the Global Marches for Elephants Denver State Capitol building the first Saturday in October

2) Worked in Ethological Research with Stanford University’s Caitlin O’Conner, PhD in wild elephant research in Nambia in behavioral observation and DNA collection, parasitic evaluations

3) Public speaking engagements/fundraisers for adults and children educating on the atrocities of poaching and the grave importance in keeping this sentient species alive.

4) Signing petitions for the African and Asian Elephant daily to fight for an end to their exploitation in India and end poaching for ivory tusk in Africa. Writing to House and Senate to plead an end to ivory sales

5) Adoptions of elephants, giraffe and rhino at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation and monthly donations.

6) Nightly- watch live snap photography of movement in two Safari Camps watching for poachers. Upon visual discovery of poachers  grid coordinates are immediately called in and the anti-poaching rangers are sent out to find and detain/arrest poachers.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Info:

For over 25 years Kenya-born Dame Daphne Sheldrick lived and worked alongside her husband David, during which time they raised and successfully rehabilitated many wild species. Daphne Sheldrick’s involvement with wildlife has spanned a lifetime, and she is now a recognized International authority on the rearing of wild creatures and is the first person to have perfected the milk formula and necessary husbandry for infant milk-dependent Elephants and Rhinos.

DSWT deploys eight full-time anti-poaching units, which patrol the sensitive boundaries of  Conservation area (48,656kmsq) on foot and by vehicle.

These skilled frontline teams, which are equipped with vehicles, camping equipment, radios, GPS’s and cameras, are making a significant difference. They deter. Poacher techniques; snaring, shooting with machine guns, poison arrows and poisoning lakes  with cyanide.  This is RISKY business protecting elephants and sadly some patrolmen are killed by poachers. SOMALIA POACHERING $$$$ GOES TO AL SHABAAB (NEW Scientist, 14may14) to fund their terrorism

Every month each unit confiscates countless snares, destroys numerous charcoal kilns and poaching structures, whilst arresting many poachers and wildlife offenders. The DSWT’s Aerial Surveillance Unit works in tandem with these ground patrol teams so as to achieve these results, whilst working together with the DSWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile AIR Veterinary Unit in locating and treating a rising number of elephants and other wild species injured through poaching and bush-meat snaring activities.

Leslie’s favorite organization to contribute to is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Other highly credible organizations are Amboseli Trust for Elephants,, Wildlife SOS,  and  Save The Elephants,

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