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Janice Brooks08-24-20 “Labyrinth of the Soul-filled Heart” with living Soulfully Janice Brooks 

Everyone Janice greets feels the electric charge of life that touches & sparks a soulful recognition that something great is about to happen!

Let me Introduce you to a longtime friend of mine. Janice Brooks who in this conversation we will learn together about Synergy & Soulful living. Brooks with her long time Journey of enrichment, is no stranger to cultural change. Her experience as the former director of “Insight and Energetic Healing” retreat programs, and “CEO” of Green Valley Spa and Resort St. George Utah, which was one of the Top-3 rated spas in the world. (Travel & Leisure)

Her company, Jan Brooks Synergies, offers strategic communications, public affairs, corporate social responsibility (CSR) analysis, crisis management, constituency & community advocacy, organizational development training and business diplomacy consultation services, executive and leadership coach, public affairs consultant, journalist, professional speaker, community activist, actor, storyteller and poet who is currently a Community Hospice Chaplain as she provides end of life spiritual support and facilitates bedside sacred vigil ceremonies, for dying and loved ones…

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University and a Master’s of Public Affairs from University of Nevada Las Vegas. She held a “Q”-top secret clearance and was a Security Specialist for the Department of Energy for nine years.

This episode, I Intuitively asked Janice to come be with us for this hour in a conversation for… food for our …souls.  Thoughts and conversation are about ~Collective Cultural change, as we experience our world changing, (the seasons of life and nature) … Meanderings on social transformation which is all about, us…. Our spiritual chrysalis …. blood, bones and Breath regulation … Our Possibilities & Our Opportunities Into what is Essential to move forward with Agency & Responsibility .. An Awakening to an intensity ONE of Synergy for 2020 of HOPE …

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