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Kim Brown Seely04-22-21 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Kim Brown Seely author of Uncharted a journey across the water in a maritime adventure and a time in search of a new chapter in their relationship and life journey, as a couple facing the dreaded empty nest syndrome realize they need to rediscover who they are. Kim in a most beautifully articulate and detailed written story expressing the beauty of what she and her husband saw and experienced on a somewhat challenging two month boat trip exploring the remote islands off the coast of Seattle Washington and the adventure of her voyage from one life chapter to another involving this too-big sailboat, a narrow and unknown sea and an appetite to witness a mythical blonde bear that inhabits a remote rainforest opens her mind and heart to much more than the physical journey and goes within to discover some of the most meaningful recognitions of gratitude and love.

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