Kids 4 Love Project Bracelets

Kids 4 Love Project Bracelets are Here!!

Kids4Love_image003Kids 4 Love Project is an enlightening Radio Show for all ages yet it also includes an Enrichment Program to teach unconditional love to elementary children from six to twelve. Kids 4 Love Project is designed for within the class curriculum, special presentations within the classroom, after school programs or wellness centers.  Imagine schools with a focus not only on the mind, but the body and spirit of every child, making practice the cultivation of the pure love that resides in us all. The Kids 4 Love Project is a journey into self-discovery. It consists of fun creative tools to learn self-love, energy medicine utilizing Reconnective Healing™, a bit of meditation, tuning into intuition, how to utilize one’s IG {Inner Guidance} plus connecting to our natural surroundings. The Kids 4 Love Project has been at the Fallon Elementary School in Pawtucket R.I. The vision is to broaden the scope to include school systems worldwide.

Kids_IMG_0019When Kids learn self love they don’t become a bully. Kids who hold Love for self develop compassion and creativity which evolves into the desire to make a difference in the world. I Choose Love- I Am Love- I Stand For Love

Help the Kids 4 Love Project spread the word to kids worldwide with these colorful bracelets.

Imagine every child safe, loved and thriving… together we can end violence for the next generations!

Buy for your kids, grandchildren or classroom!


Kids 4 Love-photo

Bracelets are premium quality color filled debossed

Youth Size- 7″




Buy 1- for $3.00, includes shipping 5-7 business days


Buy 10- for $27.00 includes shipping 5-7 business days


Buy 25- for $65.00 includes shipping, 5-7 business days

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