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01-01-18  Jennie Lee: Breathing Love with Hope

Living love as an embodied meditation practice. Uniting us in a universally understandable goal, Jennie Lee builds immediate bridges of peace by changing how we look at love; from something to be acquired and preserved, to something to be realized and breathed. Active conscious loving is the basis of the meditation practices offered in Breathing Love, providing you with inner solace and a deep sense of purpose. Whether in a relationship or not, in the prime of life or nearing death, you’ll be encouraged to move beyond the pain, pride, and fear that keep you from love.

Jennie Lee is a certified yoga therapist who has spent two decades coaching people in the healing tradition of classical yoga and meditation. She is also the author of two books – Breathing Love: Meditation in Action, and the award-winning True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment. Using the practices she writes about, Jennie counsels clients worldwide, helping them overcome grief, depression, anxiety, and stress, and create lives of greater joy. Her writing has been featured in dozens of wellness blogs and magazines including the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Yoga Digest, and Yogi Times.

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