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Holly Hall, Astrologer, Dream Expert and Co-owner of Spirit Quest Radio How one can use Dreams to solve all their life issues. Plus Global world events and the astrological shift we are all facing now.

As a 3rd generation psychic, Holly Hall uses Dreams and Astrology to tap into her clients “spirit destiny.” Each of us has an inherent challenge to face, as well as fortune and strengths. Astrology could be just the nudge you need to get you moving down that path toward personal evolution. We have free use of the energy around us, and each of us resonates differently with this energy at different times. You will find that Astrological council can guide you so that you can take full advantage of your energy field and “Have the Life You have Always wanted!!” Holly also has the advantage of helping you tap into the ~Universal all knowing Collective Mind~ through the interpretations of your Dreams.


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