Jaentra Green Gardner

Jaentra Green Gardner was first diagnosed with MS in 1977 and left no stone unturned. She healed herself of MS. From that point on, she believed anyone could be healed. She developed the complimentary medicine modality of Three Heart Balancing. She is a trained educator, public speaker, and healing coach.

Three Heart Balancing™ created by Jaentra Green Gardener, integrates body, mind and heart as a focal point for dealing with body pain and discomfort. Based on an integration of many bodywork methods, the focus of the work is on activating the Wave in the body. The Wave is the harmony of the rhythms: breathing, heartbeat, peristalsis, cranial-sacral, sexuality, and emotions. The Wave is the person’s own inner healer, the part of each of us that strives toward life. The Wave brings forward the reality of health and wholeness. We heal as a group bringing forth together the reality of Divine miracles among us.

Jeannie Serpa

Jeannie Serpa, mother of nine and grandmother of eighteen (so far), brings to this book an abundance of experience and knowledge. A former school teacher, stencil designer, business entrepreneur, and writer of restaurant reviews, Jeannie has embarked on a four year journey researching and developing recipes designed to lower cholesterol. This undertaking has a very personal connection since many of her family members have been victims of heart attacks, strokes, and other cholesterol health related diseases.

In January of 2004, Jeannie was told her cholesterol level was dangerously high, and a statin drug was prescribed. Nine days on the drug resulted in extreme muscular pain and stiffness. She flushed those tablets down the toilet, embarked on a research program, and started developing recipes, using ingredients that had been proven to reduce cholesterol. Six weeks later she returned to her doctor with a vastly improved cholesterol count. When she announced that she hadn`t taken the prescribed drug in six weeks, the physician was stunned.

Debbie Heneghan

About Debbie Heneghan

I lost my sister at fifteen years old. Over two decades later, I’m here to share our divine story. I love teaching teleseminars and providing grief coaching to spread the profound healing I’ve received since my sister’s death. Her passing has given me the courage to take risks, dream big, be adventurous, and savor every moment. She’s taught me to experience life to the fullest, and my life has taken on more profound meaning as I live for two, baby! I’m not a complete “woo-woo.” I’m really a corporate “guru”… I like numbers, facts, and making sales. I’m a computer geek and a business professional with IBM. I’m also a wife and a mother of two glorious boys. And, I happen to talk to my dead sister all day. You know…typical, everyday stuff.

I started climbing the corporate ladder as a graphics designer twenty years ago at a small engineering firm and quickly moved up to network system administrator for the second largest financial institution in Pittsburgh. I developed computer programs, including applications in Lotus Notes. For the past ten years, I’ve been an IBM technical sales engineer and software architect. Throughout my tenure, I’ve been a highly respected coach, mentor, trusted advisor, consultant, and certified professional interfacing with people from around the world.

PJ Fay {Pamela Brennan}

I am a Channel and Certified as an Advanced Angel Messenger. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Shaman in the Hawaiian Adventurer Tradition, an Ordained Alakai with Aloha International (a worldwide peacemaking organization), a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Certified “The One Command” Practitioner and Commanding Wealth Circle Leader.

I bring you 25 years of knowledge, experience and wisdom in the metaphysical and healing arts. My long-term connection with Divine Guidance will benefit you in many ways. In 1983 I had what is often called a “Spiritual Awakening”, Jesus appeared at the foot of my bed and filled and surrounded me with immense Light, Pure Love and I was healed. I then began receiving Divine Guidance and Visitations. Since that time it has been my mission to bring love, wisdom and enlightenment to myself and to others…with the ultimate goal being Heaven and Peace on Earth.

The tools I use today have evolved over the years and are specific to bringing you a deeper connection with yourself and your Divine Guidance, and they are the ones that are the most effective and empowering. My mission is to help others fully realize self-love, to transform themselves to their highest and best and consciously create their lives and dreams come true…better than they can even imagine! http://www.soulalchemyunlimited.com


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