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Join Dr. Miller for conversations with thought leaders, health and wellness experts, and global activists from a variety of fields. You will find valuable tools for healing at every level, from the personal to the planetary. With experts from fields ranging from science and medicine to philosophy and spirituality, Dr. Miller explores ancient wisdom, recent advances in transformational technology, practical tips for self-healing, meditations and guided imagery for awakening your personal and collective wisdom.

At the personal level, you will find fascinating and practical ideas for managing stress, dealing with anxiety and depression, and living a healthy and successful life.  And if you are interested in exploring the big picture, you will find that the concepts and visions Dr. Miller and his guest reveal quite provocative – and motivating! www.drmiller.com

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Dr Miller’s Guest This Week

Friday 1am/1pmET 

What is High-Quality Homeopathy? – A Conversation With Roger Morrison MD, Co-founder of America’s Original Homeopathic College

 Trailblazer Roger Morrison was very disappointed with the way he saw patients being treated in his work as an emergency room physician – and with the sloppiness of American medicine in general. He became inspired, and left his job as an emergency room physician, and studied Greek so that he could study with and later apprentice to the world expert on homeopathy in Greece.

Dr. Morrison first became interested in homeopathy when he saw a multiple sclerosis patient who had unexpectedly become well – the so-called spontaneous remission. When he asked her what she had done since her last appointment, she answered, “I’ve begun homeopathic treatment.”

You will hear about the revelation that convinced Dr. Morrison of the power of homeopathy and what he learned about Dr. Hahnemann, creator of homeopathy. You will learn about Hahnemann’s struggle against the prevalent allopathic medical system, which, at that time, used as legitimate medical treatments such horrors as the use of leaches and bloodletting. You will hear just how George Washington, the father of our country, was bled to death by doctors using the then-accepted medical techniques. Our guide in learning about this fascinating field from one of its prime proponents. With professor Morrison, we will explore the theory of homeopathy and how it fits into a holistic framework of medicine.

Homeopathy and allopathic medicine coexist in some countries, but in the United States homeopaths have been seen as unscientific quacks by the competing allopathic system. The American Medical Association, as Dr. Morrison tells us, was actually formed in order to fight against and eliminate homeopathy.

In Wikipedia, it’s called a pseudoscience. Yet, as you will hear, straight from the horse’s mouth, what he saw and experienced in the practice of these techniques. And what he saw was vivid and clear. Let yourself listen to the testimony of this man, who has honest experiences to share with you. Then think about what you can do with the discovery you make.



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Emmett Port 2013smBIO: Widely acknowledged for his seminal work in the field of holistic health and Mind-Body Medicine (1970), physician Emmett Miller earned his MD from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has served as lecturer and preceptor at Stanford, University of California, as well as other universities and medical schools introducing his groundbreaking work in Mind-Body Medicine, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

His chief contributions have been his discoveries of how thoughts, emotions, and mental images can be guided to have a profound impact on illnesses, wellness, and performance. Dr. Miller discovered that the unconscious part of the mind behaves in a way analogous to a digital computer; it perceives, reasons, and reacts the way it was programmed –ways that often produce negative or inadequate results. He found in his medical practice is that self–induced states of deep relaxation, meditation, or hypnosis made it possible to alter this programming through the use of mental imagery.

This led to the development of his ‘Software for the Mind’ guided imagery recordings that soon became standard at such institutions as Mayo Clinic, Scripps, Mt. Sinai, and Kaiser, and are in widespread use by health and helping professionals and centers worldwide.

Miller’s first book, Selective Awareness – Introduction to the Medicine of Mind and Body (1973), introduced his concepts for the first time. In 1977, he cofounded and served as and medical director of the Cancer Support and Education Center in Menlo Park, the first such institution in the world. He has authored numerous other books, including the classic, Deep Healing – The Essence of Mind–Body Medicine, and his most recent, Our Culture on the Couch–7 Steps to Global Healing.

Through the years Dr. Miller has continued to develop his understanding of the healing process, and to serve as physician, psychotherapist, coach, speaker, and professional trainer, and to continue to develop tools and skills to empower people to heal and to do their very best. He has offices in Los Altos and in Nevada City, California, where he practices Mind-Body Medicine and Peak Performance Coaching. His future vision includes the development of a web-based global healing center on the Internet distributing low cost yet powerful self–healing tools. www.drmiller.com

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