Healing Domestic Violence

11-20-17 Healing Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can take a toll on any family in just moments, especially the children who witness it or are a part of it.  It can show up when you least expect it.  How do you manage it? How do you cope with it? How do you heal? And how can you facilitate the healing for your children? Join Host Monica Iglesias as she shares her personal experience in navigating through the experience and the healing process within herself and those around her from an accountable, and vulnerable space and from a conscious and soul -based perspective, seeing it through the eyes of Love. Can Domestic Violence be healed? Gain this added perspective and then you decide for yourself.


I awoke so that others may awaken.
I learn so that others may also learn.
I transform so that others may transform.
I forgive myself so that I may help others to forgive.
I love myself so that I may bring out love in others.
I live to shine Divine Light and Love
I live to be Truth
I live to Unify
I live to Love

By Monica Iglesias

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