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Gina Hatzis02-10-21 Gina Hatzis, motivational speaker and founder of #Too Much Woman

Living, Loving, and Being a #TooMuchWoman -with Gina Hatzis

Dedicated to woman everywhere who have ever been told to sit down, shut up, or back off. Today’s show will empower you to own your glorious too muchness, in whatever form your too muchness takes. Join the incomparable Gina Hatzis, founder of the #TooMuchWoman movement, and shift the way you think about your power and worth.

The untold story of the Too Much Woman.

Too intense. Too sensitive. Too emotional. Too passionate. Too driven. Too smart. Too sensual. Too needy. Too ambitious. Too fat. Too plain. Too bitchy. Too honest. Too pretty. Too wild. Too successful. Too intimidating. Too sexy.

She is dangerous.
The Too Much Woman is forced to cram the Bigness of who she is into a tight box of predictability and stability.
Her bright sparkle must be dimmed.
Her radiance must be kept in check.

The Too Much Woman is not safe in a world that is afraid of her power. She is shunned, misunderstood, ignored, rejected, abused, threatened, objectified. Anything, anything, anything that will keep her tucked in her smallness and not threaten the status quo.

As women, many of us straddle these two debilitating paradigms: subduing our Too Muchness and ruminating in our Not Enough-ness –they are in fact opposite sides of the same coin after all.

A recovering journalist, Gina has spent the past 26 years as an International Corporate and Public Speaker, specializing in soulful leadership, conscious communication and epic empowerment.

She’s also a blogger, a writer, a spoken word artist and the host of her show Spiritual G Spot, broadcasting in over 70 countries worldwide.

Gina has two viral videos amassing over 40 million views, and is currently on a global tour as the Spearhead and Visionary for the Too Much Woman Movement, a platform for women shine fully in their glory.

She recently shared the stage with Elizabeth Gilbert, Lisa Nichols, Glennon Doyle Dr. Christiane Northrup, Cheryl Strayed and Laverne Cox at the International Women’s Summit, proudly celebrating the Rise of the Feminine!

Her first book, Celebrating the Too Much Woman is hot off the press! You can connect with her on social media at Gina Hatzis or at


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