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08-03-23 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #536 is an hour of visionary, acoustic improv music performed by Mariam Massaro and Bob Sherwood of The Gaea Star Crystal Band with Mariam on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, harmonica, native flute and Celtic harp and Bob on piano.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts in early July of 2023, today’s show begins with the lovely, atmospheric “Brilliantly Shining”, a lush and spacious piece with a gorgeous vocal from Mariam before moving into “Are We Ready?” a powerful gospel folk song driven by Mariam’s chiming acoustic guitar and Bob’s bluesy piano.  “I’m Going Down Deep” is a propulsive folk rock song with a fine vocal from Mariam and anthemic piano from Bob and “Let’s Just Open” is a whispering, spacious prayer defined by the lovely, languid conversation between Mariam’s vocal and Native flute.  “Carry On” begins with bittersweet, whispering ukulele and piano commentary as Mariam’s vocal enters with a beautiful prayer to moving past conscious thought into pure gratitude and “Coming Home” is a yearning, driving modern gospel song from Bob featuring Bob and Mariam on vocals as well as fine, incisive flute from Mariam.  Mariam’s classic “Reborn” song from the “Vision Quest” album is completely repurposed for today’s show, presented in the key of C minor and focused on Mariam’s bluesy, evocative harmonica.  A beautiful, mysterious take of Mariam’s  “Into The Mystery” from the “For The Children” album closes today’s show with a dancing, operatic flair supporting Mariam’s pretty vocal.

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