Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #282

11-09-17  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #282 was taped on a fresh October afternoon at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts and features songs by Mariam Massaro and visionary improvisation from the Gaea Star Band with Mariam on vocals, native flute, acoustic guitar, percussion and kalimba, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas, drums and balaphone. Today’s first piece, the epic “Shadows Of Illusion”, is a slow, trancelike, electronically treated tone poem featuring inspired lyrics from Mariam and a steady, minimalist motif from Bob and Craig.  The piece transmutes from a somber meditation into a lush, varied meditation celebrating the triumph of love over illusion, delicate, filigreed and emanating love.  A gradual increase of tempo brings a sunny major pop variation called “Walk On” over which Mariam delivers positive, inspired melodicism and gorgeous passages of native flute, gradually returning to the original “Shadows Of Illusion” motif. The next piece, “Northern California” is dedicated to the people of California in the wake of the massive fires of October and expresses solidarity as well as wonder and awe at the power of nature.  “Starry Night” is a lovely, brief meditation on creativity and connection to nature and to Spirit with a folky vibe driven by Mariam’s acoustic guitar and “May We All Go Home Together” is a languid, pretty prayer led by Mariam’s beautiful native flute and drum flourishes from Craig.  This piece transmutes through movements of mysterious classicism and sunny folk, always returning to a shaded, mysterious piano motif before drifting away on waves of Mariam’s percussion and effects.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #281 Part Two

11-02-17  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #281 Part Two is a continuation of last week’s deep and mystical song cycle, recorded on a beautiful October afternoon at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington MA and featuring the Gaea Star Band and special guest Sondra Lewis on vocals and percussion.  Mariam Massaro sings and plays native flute, celtic harp, kalimba, percussion, acoustic guitar and ukulele, Bob Sherwood plays piano and Craig Harris plays congas and balaphone.  Today’s first number “Meche Oh Love Is Everywhere I Go” is mystical, cyclical, psychedelic song of praise featuring gorgeous vocals from Mariam and Sondra as well as Mariam’s floating, bittersweet native flute.  The lush and darkling “Underneath The Moonlight” carries a hint of the occult and the supernatural with its minimal piano figure and Mariam’s shadowy, affecting vocal.  A gradual rise in tempo and intensity brings the piece to a climactic finish only to trail out on a virtuosic, Baroque two-chord figure by Bob on piano.  “Fletcher Copernicus” finds Bob picking up the acoustic guitar to help mold a flamenco vibe against Mariam’s Mediterranean ukulele.  Mariam tells a riveting tale with lush backing vocals from Sondra.  Mariam brings in “In The Early Morning” with pensive, delicate acoustic guitar augmented by sheets of echoed piano from Bob against a tight rhythm of shaker and congas from Sondra and Craig.  A deeply imaginative musical journey proceeds with evocative melodies from Mariam and Sondra.  “I Miss You” closes the show today, a country rocking number from Mariam’s “Smooth Sailin’ Love Songs” featuring barrel house piano and driving rhythms.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #281 Part One

10-26-17  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #281 Part One was recorded on a mid-October afternoon at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts and features the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, percussion, 12-string acoustic guitar, ukulele and celtic harp, Craig Harris on congas and balaphone and Bob Sherwood on piano.  Today’s first number is Mariam’s beautiful “Let Love Bloom”, a spacious, folk-flavored ballad featuring chiming 12-string Martin guitar and a sweet melody from Mariam.  “Reaching For The Sky” is a minimalist, classically-inflected piece with a soaring melody and ambitious piano from Bob.  “Rain Lullaby” is a little swiss watch of a song from Mariam that blooms into a stately operatic ballad in the hands of the Gaea Star Band with sprightly balaphone from Craig and pretty ukulele from Mariam.  Mariam plays entrancing, far-flung native flute to a dramatic backing of piano and swelling drums on the elementally jazzy “Hiya Maheyo”, a dreamlike prayer to all of life’s journeys.  For the celtic harp-led “Oh The Wind She Loves To Dance”, Mariam plays her harp and records her vocal and flute outside with the sounds of the autumn evening accompanying this trancelike, dreamlike song.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #280

10-19-17  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #280 was taped on a warm early fall afternoon at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, MA and features acoustic improvisations and songs from the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, dulcimer, native flute, ukulele and acoustic guitar, Craig Harris on congas and drums and Bob Sherwood on piano.  Today we begin with the lush folk psychedelic drone of “The Mattapoisett Shore” featuring a visionary, inspired lyric from Mariam.  “Everyday For Well-Being” is a reminder to nurture and honor ourselves and “Happy I Am” is a gorgeous take on Mariam’s original song from the 2012 children’s album.  “Drifting By In The Realm Of Love” is a lovely, mystical tone poem with imaginative piano from Bob and Mariam’s chiming acoustic guitar.  “Blessed A Little Bit More Each Day” is another celebration of contentment in the spirit of “Every Day For Well-Being” with a slow, beautiful, spiritual flow.  “Sing Down The Walls” is a take on Mariam’s 2009 song from the “Gaea Star Crystal:  Awakening the Tribes of Light” and addresses strife around the world, and “Turn Away” is a languid ode to new beginnings.