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04-27-23 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #526 is an hour of visionary acoustic improv music played by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, Native flute, 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, ukulele and shruti box, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on Native drums and congas.  Today we feature special guests Nina Rossi on percussion, vocals and djembe and Cevher Demirel on handpan, flute and bongos.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts in April 2023, today’s show begins with the stately, mystical “Sail Into The Light Of A New Day Dawning”, a gorgeous, spacious ballad featuring a rich, mesmerizing vocal from Mariam and Cevher’s otherworldly handpan.  Mariam provides the rich, mystical drone of “May We Serve Our Souls’ Deepest Dreams” with her Martin 12-string acoustic as Cevher’s handpan and Bob’s piano weave a rich harmonic tapestry above Craig and Nina’s hypnotic drum work.  The tempo and intensity rise for “Beautiful Portal Of Light”, an evocative, driving piece again featuring Mariam’s chiming 12-string and Cevher’s striking handpan that morphs from mystical into driving, raw Afro-Cuban rock with powerful, funky left hand work from Bob on piano.  “Won’t You?” is a strikingly innocent, open love song built around Mariam’s gorgeous vocal and chiming 8-string ukulele, punctuated beautifully with Cevher’s flute and Mariam’s “Circle Of Light” is dressed in an Eastern gown with Mariam’s acoustic guitar and Cevher’s handpan forming a powerful modal center for a powerfully musical, reverent prayer.   A delicate, beautiful, extended Native flute exploration from Mariam atop a percolating, compelling rhythm section and obsessive, aching, minimalist piano bring in today’s closing number, the drifting, bittersweet “The Glory”, a richly evocative piece featuring tight ensemble, top notch in situ composition and a lush and easeful vocal from Mariam.

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