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01-28-21 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #428 is an hour of visionary acoustic improvisational music played by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, schrudi box, ukulele, native flute and dulcimer, Craig Harris on congas and native drums and Bob Sherwood on piano.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts in January 2021, today’s show begins with the driving raga “There’s Always Another Way”, a kinetic song driven by Mariam’s chiming dulcimer.  “Thank You For The Grace” is a gorgeous, evocative prayer of gratitude and peace featuring gorgeous native flute passages from Mariam and “Count Your Blessings” is an energized, hypnotic piece with distinctive piano shapes from Bob.  The band flows into “May We Heal Each Other” seamlessly with driving blues improvisation from Bob and a fiery rhythm track from Craig.  “Appreciate All Of Creation” mesmerizes with its minimalist, hypnotic repetition and gradual increase in energy and “In The Currents Of Life” is a spacious, unhurried meditation made mesmeric by Mariam’s droning, mystical shrudi box.  We finish today with the baroque-by-way-of-native-American “Always The Night Follows The Day”, a gorgeous piece that features more fine flute playing from Mariam and a gradual, patient journey towards a distant horizon to end today’s show.

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