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01-23-20 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #379

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour features songs and improvised acoustic music from The Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, acoustic guitar, ukulele and dulcimer, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on congas.  We begin with the shaded, bluesy “Love Is For All” an ode to love and devotion featuring Mariam’s visionary lyrics and sweeping native flute.  “Majesty” flares from the embers of the first piece, beautifully melancholy in tone, again decorated with long, hypnotic native flute passages.  A fanfare of distant dulcimer announce the enchanted folk song “Moonlight Symphony”, a magical, dancing piece devoted to the music of the night featuring flurrying, Chopin-inspired piano from Bob.  A coda built around a lush, romantic chord sequence wraps up the piece with flourishes of piano electronics.  “Where Are We Going” is built around Mariam’s stately ukulele and introduces minimalist gospel piano and percolating congas into an airy, gorgeous song devoted to the mystery of the future.  Mariam plays acoustic guitar for “Everything Melts Away”, a vast, floating song that celebrates life and the transience of life with a beautiful ache.  “Lavender Lilacs” a pretty folk song we first explored in 2013 returns in a fine version that blooms around a lively, vivid conga figure.  Closing today is a gorgeous, rich version of Mariam’s sun prayer “Solare” driven by Mariam’s flamenco guitar and dramatic piano and congas.

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