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11-07-19 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #371

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour was recorded at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts on a brisk autumn day and features songs by Mariam Massaro and dynamic acoustic improvisation by the Gaea Star Band with Mariam on vocals, native flute, ukulele and acoustic guitar, Craig Harris on congas and native drums and Bob Sherwood on piano.  Today’s first piece is the plaintive “High In The Glory Of The Night Sky” which features expressive native flute from Mariam above a gently arpeggiated piano in minor.  “The Snow Queen’s Last Goodbye” looks forward to the end of winter with a chiming ukulele part from Mariam over a rock-steady conga and piano groove.  “All Right- Just Shine” is a native chant that slowly transforms into a ballad of generosity and common purpose with a powerful vocal from Mariam.  “O Mayo” is a stirring minor ballad with more fine ukulele work from Mariam and a hypnotic piano.  “The Toad On The Path” tells of a surprising wildlife encounter of Mariam’s and “Oh I Love The Way” features silken acoustic guitar from Mariam and a steady, minimalist rhythm framework from Craig and Bob.

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