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10-24-19  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #369

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour is an adventurous and wide-ranging hour of songs and improvised musical magic from the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, baritone ukulele, celtic harp, native flute and acoustic 12-string guitar, Craig Harris on marimbas and congas and Bob Sherwood on piano.  We begin with the lovely, languid “The Wisdom Way”, a harp-based prayer with Mariam recording her vocal and harp in the outdoors accompanied by a Berkshire June afternoon.  This lush and narcotic piece transforms into a circular, gospel-like motif as Mariam leads on flute.  Next up is “The Music We Hear Inside”, charming song from Mariam featuring her Martin 12-string acoustic guitar.  A pretty, delicate breakdown gives Bob a chance to show off his whistling prowess before a final verse yields to a gospel finish.  Mariam tunes up her baritone ukulele for “To The Glory Of Life” a majestic song that travels through folk, jazz, gospel and minimalist electronic approaches before a final baroque reworking completes the circle.  “The Forest Festival Of Light” is a haunting tone poem with Craig on marimba and more fine flute melodies from Mariam.  Continuing the mystical mood, we present a magical love story from Mariam called “Sprinkle On Dreams” featuring beautiful vocals and an aching melody.  We finish with a rocking take of Mariam’s classic Hawaiian song “Pele”.

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