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07-26-18 Today on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #316 the Gaea Star Band is joined by special guest Sondra Lewis on vocals and percussion.  With Mariam Massaro on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, celtic harp and native flute, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on drums and congas, the Gaea Star Band delivers an hour of visionary acoustic improvisation and songs by Mariam Massaro. We begin with the haunting tones of Mariam’s native flute on the mystical, classically hued “Hope Is Everywhere” which features a compelling vocal dialogue between Mariam and Sondra above a filigreed piano accompaniment.  “Awakening” is a swirling, psychedelic, echo-drenched prayer to enlightenment and “Sweet Wind” is an ode to summer and nature full of motion and lovely melodies from Sondra and Mariam.  “Salayana” is a hypnotic, jazzy water prayer with fine percussion from Sondra and Craig and mesmerizing piano from Bob.  “Let’s Just All Hold Together” is a languid, folky piece with a fine, inspiring lyric from Mariam sung over her chiming ukulele.  We conclude with lush, improv-heavy versions of Mariam’s songs “Spirit Of The Forest” and “Your Eyes Shine”.

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