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02-08-18  Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #295 at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, MA in early February and features the Gaea Star Band recording visionary acoustic improvisations and songs by Mariam Massaro.  We are joined today by very special guest Gino Cicchetti on mandolin, flute and acoustic 12-string guitar.  Today’s first piece is “Let’s Climb The Mountains of Love” and features Mariam Massaro on sitar, native flute and vocals, Craig Harris on congas, Bob Sherwood on piano and Gino on 12-string guitar.  This lush raga hold a hypnotic drone to support Mariam’s lush, evocative lyric and is followed by “May We Take All Life In”.  For this piece we are accompanied by the Damanhurian plant-activated music system whereby biorhythmic impulses from a plant drive a MIDI controller connected to a sound module.  A lush, dramatic slice of plant-accompanied improvisation ensues with Mariam on vocals, native flute and percussion, Bob on piano, Craig on native drums and Gino accompanying lyrically on his flute.  “Melody Of Life” also features plant music as well as Gino’s aching mandolin and harmonica from Mariam.  “Down By The River” is a minor folk ballad from Mariam, and to close the hour we feature another piece from last week’s show featuring Joe Carvallo, the darkly rocking “You Hold So Strong Part Two”.

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