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Mayhem to MiraclesFrom Mayhem to Miracles During COVID by Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos

Don’t ever give up on your hopes and dreams, for you, too, can move from never to always.~ Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes 

Today’s world is filled with mayhem that is not the result of one specific or chaotic event which may be a good thing because mayhem is the “shift,” muck and mire in which miracles grow.

Dreams and miracles go together like peanut and butter. Miracles are often the manifestation of our hopes and dreams. Hope is the magic elixir that can transform life’s troubles into a sense of grace and meaning.

Ask, and you will receive signs, symbols, and Alice in Wonderland guidance in your dreams that could lead to a waking world miracle.  Answers, guidance, and glimpses into the future come to us through the Sacred Dream Doors to the Divine. Ask not-get not.

Our dreams do not let us down; we let them down when we give up on them before they have an opportunity to come to light and become a miracle. I have learned that not every dream happens chronologically by chapters in our lives or how we feel it is supposed to unravel.

Some people believe miracles are only a thing of the past. Are they right?

Do miracles still happen NOW, or are they a thing of the past referred to only in ancient Bible Stories? Four Prominent Radio Show Hosts are also part of the Media Team helping to launch and promote the third book in the Bestselling Sacred Stories Series- Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope, say, “YES! Miracles are real and grow out of the mayhem of our lives.”

Three of these Miracle Hosts have published stories in the Sacred Stories Series. So they know a thing or two about mayhem and definitely about miracles.

They have lived to experience a true miracle.

The hosts were interviewed on my VIDEO Podcast Dreaming Healing Show on Dreamvisions 7 Radio & TV Network. During that time, I asked them to share their views on modern-day Miracles and, “Did you ever experienced a real-life miracle?” Their answers are startling and reassuring with a resounding, “Yes!” The Dreamvisions 7 Radio/TV Network show in its entirety is posted at the bottom of this article for your viewing pleasure.

But first, please allow me to share a little about these incredible Miracle Hosts.

Eileen Bild is a published Sacred Stories author in Mayhem to Miracles, the CEO of Ordinary to Extraordinary Life, OTEL Productions, and OTEL Universe. Along with her husband, they have a world-renowned multi-media and production company specializing in ROKU Channel Development for individuals, businesses, non-profits, and video productions. Eileen is also a BIZCATALYST 360 columnist and Breakthrough S.P.A.R.K. Coach.

Peggy Willms, aka Coach Peggy, is a Mayhem to Miracles Published Author, Wellness Expert, Personal & Executive Coach, International Speaker,  BIZCATALYST 360 syndicated columnist, and Radio Host. She brings over 30 years of wellness expertise to her show All Things Wellness: A revolutionary approach that combines wellness and well-being models for ALL THINGS WELLNESS.

Dominique (Dom) Brightmon is a published author in the second book of the Sacred Stories Series titled Crappy to Happy. The Host of The Going North Podcast, where authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves emotionally spiritually.

Richard Dugan is also known as Dr. D. and the host of “Tell Me Your Story.”

Here is a bit about their miraculous stories in Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope.

Eileen Bild has had her share of trials and tribulations in life, but just when she thought she was done being tested by life, and life could become a walk-in-the-park—somehow, Eileen was blindsided once again. It took three trips to the doctor to determine Eileen had been bitten while sleeping at home, safely tucked

in her bed… by a brown recluse spider. What a nightmare!

During her medical intervention, she found that she was pregnant and, although she did not know it at the time, misdiagnosed with a life-threatening disease.

The doctors strongly encouraged Peggy to terminate her pregnancy.

The title of her story says it all, but her actual story shows the strength and determination of a woman filled with hope while facing despair. Coach Peggy is in Part 2-Health & Well Being: I’ll Stand By You- Her story is titled No One Will Take My Child – Not Even God!

Following inner guidance rather than a medical misdiagnosis creates a miracle of life for her.

Dom Brightmon is in Part 4- Life Journey-The Long and Winding Road- in the third book of the Sacred Stories Series, Crappy to Happy- Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy. His story is titled, Some Gifts are Wrapped in Adversity. It is about how he physically lost his father, who was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The mayhem of trying to locate a missing father for days is comparable to having a missing child. The anxiety experienced by the family is difficult to put into words, but Dom does it so well. What was his miracle? “I got to spend meaningful time with my father before he passed, and I realized love never dies. You can take love with you to Heaven.”

I asked host Richard Dugan, “Have you ever experienced a miracle?” His answer was to the point, “Yes! My eyesight. I was going blind.” Then he told the riveting story of how he got his sight back- quite a miracle, indeed.

Our honored guests shared how miracles happen when your mind is awake, and your heart is open to endless possibilities. When we don’t limit ourselves with our limited bodies, we realize our souls can manifest limitless results–Miracles.

The seeds of miracles are sowed in the mayhem of life. The muck and mire of crisis is the fertile ground in which our miracles take root and manifest.

Hope is the radiant sunshine that allows miracles to bloom.

It is just as easy to hurry past a miracle on our Life-purpose path as it is to miss the flowers beside the path. Next time you stop to smell the roses, look up toward the sun and embrace your miracle-life, especially during COVID.

Hope still shines bright.

And, to help us move through the dismay we may still be experiencing from all COVID brought with it, these guests shared their positive suggestions for moving past mayhem to find and embrace your miracle:

  • Be thankful every day
  • Connect with your Higher Power through dreams, prayers, and meditations
  • Live in a state of Gratitude
  • Never give up HOPE!

What is our obsession with hope, and what exactly is it? I believe hope is The Art of Resilience. And we have been highly resilient during these difficult times of COVID-19 and its Delta variant.

Hope is the glue that bonds us individually and collectively to keep us resilient.  

Within this interview of Mayhem to Miracles authors, you may discover the most significant aspects of your heart that have been lying dormant. You may unravel the greatest miracle of all–living your dream, embracing your blessings, and believing in your endless possibilities. Life is all about moving from Mayhem to Miracles. Please enjoy watching your Dreaming Healing Video Show on Dreamvisions 7 Radio & TV Network.


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