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forgiving yourself flaunt08-16-23 Forgiving Yourself – Especially When You’ve Done Nothing Wrong

We hear a lot about the importance of forgiving the betraying partner, but what about forgiving ourselves? Especially when we’ve done nothing wrong. Forgiveness is a confusing, often circular, and deeply personal journey where we are forced to confront ourselves, our shame, imperfections, and our lack of control over situations or other people. Pull out a journal, kick back, and let’s process the journey of self-forgiveness together in this lovely, meandering show.

Top take-a-ways

  1. Accepting responsibility for yourself and your actions (or inactions) while confidently refusing to take on blame or responsibility for what was not your fault.
  2. Identifying the myriad of feelings that surface during betrayal recovery and allowing yourself the grace and compassion to feel your feelings without drowning in grief, helplessness, or pain.
  3. Claiming the lessons learned from difficult experiences without holding yourself hostage.

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