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Princess Diane von Brainisfried (aka Diane Young Uniman)10-23-19 Finding Your Happiness Mojo In Spite Of Life’s Challenges- Breast Cancer Beware, I’m Still Smiling!

There is nothing more terrifying to hear than those three words, “You have cancer.” Princess Diane von Brainisfried (aka Diane Young Uniman), is both an award-winning author and a breast cancer survivor, and she knows how it feels! She’s been there. Her new book, Bonjour, Breast Cancer – I’m Still Smiling! Is written with a deliciously humorous tone, and is the essential guide to beating the breast cancer blues. The book combines von Brainisfried’s own experiences and insights with research-based positive psychology strategies and packed with practical advice, humor and encouragement – the perfect mix for finding positivity in the face of breast cancer and all its accompanying treatments and challenges.

Sharing the wisdom from Socrates, Cherokee legends, and her own Jewish great-grandmother, she helps those facing cancer (and those supporting those facing cancer) reclaim their happiness mojo and move from fear and despair to positivity and optimism.

From her own breast cancer diagnosis to chemo, baldness, double mastectomy, radiation —and 3-D nipple tattoos — she holds nothing back, imparting refreshing honesty (dappled with humor) to encourage and empower others on their journeys. Regaining equilibrium and reclaiming happiness following a cancer diagnosis is not easy. It’s OK to wallow — for a moment. Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! shares a king’s ransom of practical advice and wisdom to find positivity in the face of the challenges posed by breast cancer and everything that goes with it.

When author Princess Diane is not smashing champagne bottles over the bows of ships or blogging her brains out at her palace desk, she’s a motivational speaker and certified positive psychology life coach, the optimist expert for the Women’s Health Institute of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and was a facilitator at Miami’s World Happiness Summit. When the Princess is not wearing her tiara, she is known as Diane Young Uniman, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of The University of Pennsylvania and criminal justice appeals attorney turned writer of screenplays and musicals. Her work has been featured at Lincoln Center’s Broadway’s Future series and was accepted into Fringe/NYC. She has won over 50 awards for her screenplays and musicals and an ASCAP award for writing. Diane is also an opera singer and an advanced student at the New York School of Practical Philosophy. Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! is her first book.

To learn more, please visit or connect with her on multiple social media platforms.

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