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11-08-17  Exploring Relationships

Relationships. Everyone dreams of finding Their One True Love, but does that even exist? In today’s show we explore relationships. How to find them, get them, and keep them once we have them. Lora will share with you sure-fire tips to attracting the kind of relationships you desire, as well as how to keep relationships once you have them. She explores the divine purpose of relationships in the first place; self-growth, and discusses the concept of how irritation within relationships is often the catalyst for growth that we desperately need. She also explores mirroring, and how our significant other’s most irritating qualities are often times the very qualities in ourselves that we are denying, or have not yet dealt with.

Remember, all relationships require relating., and relating is a verb, meaning it’s active, transitory, and is most certainty, not always perfect, joyful and fulfilling!

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