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Liza Lomax08-04-21 Emotional Eating: An Inside Out Job – with Liza Lomax

Emotional eating – we’ve all done it. Whether we are eating our feelings, binge eating, drinking too much, stuffing our faces with comfort food, or we’re too upset to eat at all, the way we eat is tied to our emotions. Regardless of your situation, when you use food as a band-aid, dive into restrictive diets, and bully yourself each time you “fail” you reinforce unhealthy behaviors that will leave you miserable, unhealthy, and not feeling (or looking) the way that you desire.

Top take-a-ways:

  • The difference between an emotional and a chemical addiction to food.
  • Why losing weight “for others” doesn’t work, and the life-changing power of loving yourself first.
  • The importance of feeling your feelings, nurturing yourself, habits vs. “one-time events” and how to cultivate a healthy mindset around eating.

Liza Lomax is a Life Coach who specializes in Emotional Eating. Helping others embrace their bodies, end emotional eating, lose weight and finally love what they see in the mirror. Liza is also a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, NLP, EFT, TFT, and REBT Practitioner & Speaker. Liza struggled for many years with her own battle of emotional eating and now is determined to help every womxn end their battle as well, find their authenticity and love their reflection. Liza and her partner Joy are avid travelers, and are currently locationally independent. They have no pets, no plants, no kids, so why not. travel the world. And eventually they will be moving to Europe.

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