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Elle Hari10-27-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Elle Hari author of Twin Flames Exposed which shares a new way of understanding Twin Souls more productively and with greater insight. Elle will share why a study of Twin Flames was so important for her and what she learned from her teacher who was the world’s leading expert on twin flames. Elle says Twin Flames are not Soulmates. What are they and how common are they in this physical life? Twin Flames are actually the same soul. The soul inhabits two physical bodies when it is incarnated here in the three -dimensional physical world with separate polarities like a magnetic negative/positive charge. In order for the soul to return to this plane it has to accommodate the duality of our Earthly manifested existence. So it splits in two—one part going into one body and the other part into another. Your Twin Flame is your identical soul with the opposite charge. Soulmates are just one speck of our shared divine essence but they are not the direct match that a Twin Flame is.

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